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QUITAMIEDOS (Leioa,Bizkaia)

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25 February / 20:30 h

QUITAMIEDOS (Kultur Leioa Auditorium)

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At a curve in a country road, where the crash barrier has been broken as the result of an accident, QuitamiedoS paints a unique, poetic, secularised picture of death, gradually revealing the deceased’s life story, the pieces of which somehow seem at odds with the official version of the accident.

The aim is to offer a tragicomic comparison of two lovers–one idealised, the other human–and to reflect upon love and its contradictions.

«…Quitamiedos has it all–originality, meticulous work, attention to detail, surprises and scenic and narrative purity; all the qualities one would expect from an outstanding company such as Kulunka, which is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year.

David Barbero

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25 February 2021


Kultur Leioa Auditorium
Centro Cívico, Jose Ramon Aketxe Plaza, 11
Leioa, Bizkaia 48940 Spain
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