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Kulunka Teatro was founded in 2010 in Hernani (Gipuzkoa) by Garbiñe Insausti and José Dault, two actors trained at the Madrid Royal School for Performing Arts who have extensive experience in the world of theatre.

The company arose out of a shared interest in experimenting with different performance languages in order to make theatre accessible to audiences of all kinds. Its aim is to engage in vital, current and committed theatre, firmly connected to reality.

Over the past ten years, Kulunka has made a name for itself among the leading companies in Spain, consolidating its presence and reputation and looking outwards also to the rest of the world. It has given almost 1,000 performances in 30 different countries, and has garnered prestigious awards which attest to its relevance and renown as a company, both in Spain and abroad.

To do this, Kulunka has a stable core of collaborators and incorporates additional partners in accordance with the needs of each individual project.


30 Countries

Important track records inside and outside our borders

José Dault

Co-founder and actor

(Zaragoza, 1976)
After earning an acting degree from the Madrid Royal School for Performing Arts in 2007, José Dault continued his training with Philippe Gaulier, Mar Navarro, Will Keen, Arianne Moushkine, Andrés Lima, Alfredo Sanzol, Alvaro Tato, Veronique Norday and Yayo Cáceres.
He has worked as an actor with Gato Negro, Centro Dramático Aragonés, Tranvía Teatro, Perez de la Fuente Producciones, LaSed Teatro and Focus. In 2010 he founded his own company: Kulunka Teatro.

Co-author, actor and producer of "André & Dorine" and "Solitudes" / Co-director of "Edith Piaf, Taxidermy of a Sparrow.”.

Garbiñe Insausti

Co-founder and actress

(Hernani, 1981)
Garbiñe Insausti studied Dramatic Arts at the Madrid Royal School for Performing Arts, Music Therapy at the UNED (Spanish Open University) and trained as a specialist in voice pathologies at the University of Alcalá. She then continued her training at Teatro de la Abadía and the TNT in Seville, with maestros such as Mar Navarro, Hernán Gené, Carlos Aladro, José Luis Gómez, Veronique Norday, Ricardo Iniesta and Alfonso Zurro, and in France, Italy and Poland with Philippe Gaulier, Arianne Mouchkine, Antonio Fava and The song of the Goat.
She has worked for companies such as Imprebís, Yllana, Atalaya and Gato Negro, among others. In 2020 she founded her own company: Kulunka Teatro, with which she has toured over 30 countries worldwide.
In 2017 she was short-listed for the MAX Awards, winning Best Lead Actress for her work in EDITH PIAF, Taxidermy of a Sparrow. She combines her work in the theatre with her enthusiasm for singing, and has collaborated with many famous artists, including Kepa Junkera, Iñaki Salvador and the Batumi Symphony Orchestra in Georgia, among others.

Producer, co-author, actress and creator of the masks used in "André & Dorine" and "Solitudes" / Actress in "Edith Piaf, Taxidermy of a Sparrow".

Iñaki Rikarte

Author and director

(Vitoria-Gasteiz, 1981)

Iñaki Rikarte has a degree from the Madrid Royal School for Performing Arts. He has acted with the CDN and CNTC, working with directors such as Ernesto Caballero, Eduardo Vasco, Alfredo Sanzol, Fernando Bernués, Ana Zamora and Ignacio García May. In the Basque Country, he regularly collaborates with the theatre company Tanttaka and has directed a dozen or so shows for different groups, including: Joven CNTC (El desdén con el desdén), Kulunka Teatro (André & Dorine, Solitudes, QuitamiedoS) and Teatro Paraíso (Pulgarcito, ÚniKo).
He was short-listed for Best Lead Actor at the Max Awards 2018 and for Best Set Direction at the Max Awards 2020, and won the ADE's 'José Luis Alonso' Award in 2020 for Best New Director.

Co-author and director of "André & Dorine" and "Solitudes" / Author and director of "QuitamiedoS".

Edu Cárcamo


Edu Cárcamo studied Acting at the Madrid Royal School for Performing Arts, graduating in 2004. Since then, he has worked as an actor and movement coach in numerous professional groups, including the National Classical Theatre Company, Ventrículo Veloz, Teatro de La Esquirla and Karkik Danza Teatro, among others.
In 2010, he joined the Kulunka theatre company to help create André & Dorine. He continues to tour both with that production and with Solitudes, visiting over 30 different countries and receiving many prestigious awards and accolades.

Actor and co-author of "André & Dorine" and "Solitudes".

Rolando Sanmartín

Assistant director

(Chileno/Español 1972)

Rolando San Martín is a theatre, circus, dance and performance director and playwright. He has worked for many different companies and producers, including Yllana, Tragaleguas, Teatro Español, Cía. Ana Pasadena, Kulunka Teatro, the National Drama Centre, Teatro Circo Price, Si Acaso Teatro, Cía. Psirc and Cía. Mono Habitado, among others. He is co-founder of the company Twisting the Balance.
Over recent years he has directed over 30 circus, theatre and performance shows, several of which have won awards, including the Max Award for New Shows in 2008, for Desde lo Invisible, First Prize with Silbatriz Pons at the 2014 Bilbao Act-Festival, for Episodio 08, and Best OFF Show alongside the Circo Deriva company at the TAC Festival in Valladolid, for Ya es tiempo de hablar del amor.

Assistant director and co-author of "André & Dorine" and "Solitudes".



Alberto Huici


Alberto Huici has a degree in Text-based Acting from the Madrid Royal School for Performing Arts, and previously studied Chamber Theatre, also in Madrid. He also studied musical language, trumpet, guitar and singing at the Advanced Conservatory of Music in Rentería. He has participated in shows from several different genres with the National Drama Centre, the National Classical Theatre Company and independent theatre companies such as Metatarso, LaSed Teatro, El Gato Negro, Katubeltz and Kulunka, among others.

Actor in “Edith Piaf, Taxidermy of a Sparrow” and “André y Dorine”.

Rebeca Matellán


Rebecca Matellán has a degree in Gestural Acting from the Madrid Royal School for Performing Arts (2009). She later completed her training with leading professionals such as Alfredo Sanzol, Laila Ripoll, Claudio Tolcachir, Marcos Morau, Claudia Faci, Aitana Cordero, Jeremy James, Will Keen, Andrés Lima, Ernesto Caballero, Mario Gas and Vicky Peña, as well as at Teatro de la Abadía, SNDO (Amsterdam) and various movement research and analysis laboratories with Camille Hanson, Vincent Bozek, Daisy Phillips and Lucas Condró.
She has worked as an actress in various CDN productions with Andrea D'Odorico, as well as with different companies and groups, including: Cuartoymitad Teatro, Sleepwalk Collective, Alberto Cortés and Grumelot. She has also collaborated with La Fura dels Baus in several of its performances.
She is currently a member of the company La Intemerata, with which she has created and produced Una novelita lumpen by Roberto Bolaño, La donna immobile (Prize for Best Performance and Best Show at the X Cenit Awards) and Lucientes and Aleluya Erótica by F.G. Lorca.

In the television world, she has appeared in the series Cuéntame, La que se avecina, Centro médico and El comisario.

Since 2015, she has collaborated with Kulunka Teatro as an actress in "André & Dorine".

Lola Casamayor


Lola Casamayor trained at the Madrid Royal School for Performing Arts. In 2008, she was awarded the María Guerrero Prize by the City of Madrid for her performance in Marat-Sade and Presas and has a long and distinguished theatre career under her belt. She originally started acting in independent theatre productions, and has featured in productions by Andrea D´Odorico, Tomás
Gayo, Animalario, PTC, Mérida, Teatro de la Zarzuela and Teatro Español, as well as in various productions by the CDN. She has toured all over Spain (and has also visited the USA and Paris) with shows directed by Ernesto Caballero, Andrés Lima, Natalia Menéndez, Eduardo Vasco and Luis Luque, among others.

Actress in "Edith Piaf, Taxidermy of a Sparrow".

Laura García-Marín


Laura García-Marín graduated from the Madrid Royal School for Performing Arts in 2009, with a degree in Gestural Acting. She later completed her training with Fabio Mangollini (International Course on Commedia dell'Arte, Italy), Jesús Esperanza (Director and teacher at the Ateneo de Madrid Fencing School) and Elías Cohen (Experimental Dance at KIM, Berlin), among others. In Poland, she inaugurated the Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre with a scenic fencing performance. She also appeared in the 2015 Almagro Classical Theatre Festival with La boba para los otros y discreta para sí (CIA LaFinea Teatro) and is a member of IRÚ Teatro (black light theatre) and ImproImpar (theatre improv).

Since 2018 she has collaborated with Kulunka Teatro as an actress in "Solitudes".



Jesús Barranco trained with the maestro Ángel Gutiérrez. Since the year 2000, he has been a regular member of the ensemble cast at Teatro de la Abadía and has occasionally joined other ensembles at the CDN (National Drama Centre). He is currently touring with QuitamiedoS by Kulunka Teatro, combining this with creative work with the groups Armadillo, Números Imaginarios and Las Torneras. He is one of the founders of the company Blenamiboá and has worked as an actor for several different Madrid-based companies. He participated in the international performing arts research projects Transatlántico 2000-06 (Spain-Chile) and Cities-Théâtre du Mouvement 1998-99 (Spain-France) and teaches acting and movement at several independent training centres, including El Umbral de Primavera. From 2004 to 2010 he coordinated a research project under the name Fedón ( and is currently researching the relationship between the Living Arts and monastic closures, under the name El Primo de Saint Tropez.

Actor in “QuitamiedoS”.



Luis Moreno has a degree from the Madrid Royal School for the Performing Arts and received the Socrates scholarship to study Performing Arts at Middlesex University London. He later continued his training at Teatro de la Abadía from 2003 to 2017. He has participated in over thirty professional productions, both classical and contemporary, some with Rakatá and FuSO, and has collaborated with directors such as Dan Jemmett, Alfredo Sanzol, Lawrence Boswell, Carles Alfaro, José Luis Gómez, Carlos Aladro, Sergi Belbel, Luis Miguel Sintra, Flotats and Ana Zamora, among others. With his company Les Felices, he writes, produces and directs works based on original texts, adaptations or collective creations.

Actor in “QuitamiedoS”.


Costume and set designer

(Bilbao 1979)

Ikerne Giménez studied History at Deusto University and has a degree in Set Design from the Royal School for Performing Arts in Madrid. She has worked as a set and costume designer with theatre directors such as Will Keen, Ernesto Caballero, Mathias Simons, Carles Alfaro, Alfredo Sanzol and Miguel del Arco, collaborating in private and public productions with the National Drama Centre, Teatro Español and the National Classical Theatre Company.

She won the ADE (Stage Directors' Association) Adriá Gual Costume Design Award for Avaricia, lujuria y muerte (CDN 2009) and the Max Award (2010) for Best Costume Design for the same production. She also won Best New Company at the Max Awards in 2007 for her artistic work in Desde lo invisible, and the Fetén Prize for Best Set Design in 2016 for Circo de la luna.

Costume designer for "André & Dorine" / Set and costume designer for "Solitudes", "Edith Piaf, Taxidermy of a Sparrow" and "QuitamiedoS".


Lighting designer

Carlos Samaniego has over 15 years' professional experience as a specialist in lighting and sound for the Performing Arts, working as a technical director, lighting designer and lighting desk operator on many national and international tours. He has collaborated with numerous prestigious theatre and dance companies, most recently with 9 de 9 Teatro, Companía d` Click, the Trayectos Danza International Festival and, of course, Kulunka Teatro. He has currently stopped travelling and has joined the technical staff at Zaragoza's Teatro Principal.

On-tour lighting designer and technician for "André & Dorine" and "Solitudes".


Lighting designer

Javier Ruíz de Alegría combines his training as a dramatic artist (William Layton Theatre Laboratory, Philippe Gaulier, José Carlos Plaza, Arnold Taraborrelli, Miguel Narros, etc.) and a plastic artist (Degree in Fine Arts from the Madrid Complutense University) with the technical training he has gradually acquired through his involvement in the field of set and lighting design and technical direction. He has worked as a set and lighting designer in many different productions, some of the most important being: Los Ultimos días de Judas Iscariote (2011) directed by Adán Black, Edith Piaf, Taxidermy of a Sparrow (2016) and Las Cervantas (2016), both directed by Fernando Soto, Viejos Tiempos (2012) directed by Ricardo Moya, and Festen (2017) and La Marquesa de O, both directed by Magüi Mira. From 2012 to 2016 he was the technical director at the CDN and from 2009 to 2011 served as the technical director of the VEO Festival.

Lighting designer for "Edith Piaf, Taxidermy of a Sparrow" and "QuitamiedoS".


Music composer

(Corrientes, Argentina)

Yayo Cáceres is director of the theatre, comedy and music company Ron Lalá. He has directed all the company's shows, the most recent being Juan Rana (2020), two editions of the massively popular Don Juan in Alcalá (2018 and 2019), Crimen y telón (2017; José Estruch Award for Best Show and Best Director) and Cervantina (CNTC/Ron Lalá, Max Award for Best Musical Show). He also co-directed Los empeños de una casa by Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz (Young National Classical Theatre Company, 2018). In addition to Ron Lalá productions, he also directed Tragedia de Macbeth (RESAD, 2019), Todas hieren y una mata (2019), Comedia multimedia (2016) and Ojos de agua (2014) by Álvaro Tato, Mestiza (2018) by Julieta Soria, Holly is good by Javix Bakman and Equívoca fuga by Daniel Veronese.

As a musician, he has released four solo albums and has performed extensively in America and Spain. He has published a book Yendo / Entre orillas (published by Autografía, with a prologue by Juan Diego Botto and illustrations by Óscar Grillo) and has composed, adapted, performed and directed music for both films and plays by the companies Yllana and L´Om-Imprebís (among others). He has also worked as a studio and live musician for Teresa Parodi and Antonio Tarragó Ros.

Music composition for “André y Dorine”.


Music composer

Luis Miguel Cobo won the 2020 Max Award for his work in Play by the Aracaladanza company, directed by Enrique Cabrera.
He also won the 2018 Max Award for his work in the Kulunka theatre company's play Solitudes, directed by Iñaki Ricarte and was nominated for the 2016 Max Awards for the music he wrote for Los hermanos Karamazov, directed by Gerardo Vera.

He has worked for theatre under directors such as Miguel Narros, Natalia Menéndez, Ernesto Caballero, Luis Luque, Iñaki Rikarte, Salva Bolta, David Serrano, Juan C. Pérez de la Fuente, José Luis Gómez, Gerardo Vera, Carol López, Ana Zamora and Alfredo Sanzol, among others.

He has also worked for many different dance companies, with choreographers such as Sharon Fridman, Enrique Cabrera (Aracaladanza), Marcos Morau (La Veronal), Ángel Rojas (Nuevo Ballet Español), Carlos Martínez (Denada Dance Company), Mónica Runde (10&10Danza), Iván Pérez (NDT), Patrick da Bana and Jean Charles Gil. Some of his compositions have been premièred with the Spanish National Dance Company (CND), Carte Blanche (Norway), Wiener Staatsballett (Austria) and Ballet d'Europe (France).

Music composition and sound space for "Solitudes" and "QuitamiedoS".



(Gernika, 1978)

Ozkar Galán is a commissioned playwright with extensive experience writing both original and adapted texts. He is the author of over thirty plays and is a regular presence on Madrid's alternative theatre scene. He currently teaches theatre theory at Dantzerti, the Basque Country's official School of the Performing Arts.

Author of "Edith Piaf, Taxidermy of a Sparrow".



(Madrid, 1968)

Fernando Soto is a director and actor and has a degree in Dramatic Arts from the Madrid Royal School for Performing Arts (1992).

He has worked as an actor in many productions at Teatro de la Abadía, the National Drama Centre and Teatro Español, among others.

In the world of film, he has worked with directors such as Daniel Monzón (Celda 211), Paco León (Kiki), Ángeles González Sinde (Una palabra tuya, La suerte dormida), Imanol Uribe (Miel de Naranjas), Alberto Rodríguez (After), Eduardo Chapero Jackson (Verbo), Julien Leclerq (The Informant) and Alex de la Iglesia (Balada triste de trompeta).

As a director, his works include La Estupidez by Rafael Spregelburd, Drac Pack by Najwa Nimry, Carlos Dorrego and Emilio Tomé, Constelaciones by Nick Payne, El minuto del payaso by José Ramón Fernández, Babilonia by José Ramón Fernández, Las Cervantas by Jose Ramón Fernández and Inma Chacón, Trainspotting by Harry Gibson, Bailar en la Oscuridad based on the film by Lars Von Trier, Autopsia by José Manuel Mora, Rulos and Prohibido besar by Ángeles González Sinde, Hámster by Santiago Cortegoso, and La virtud de la torpeza and Delirare by Cristina Redondo.

He is the director and co-author of the show Mejorcita de lo mío, and of Al final todos nos encontraremos, a collective creation scheduled to be performed at Teatro de la Abadía.

Co-director of "Edith Piaf, Taxidermy of a Sparrow".


Technical assistant

(Las Palmas de G. C. 1965)

José Sánchez Velázquez studied dramatic arts and set design at the Madrid Royal School for Performing Arts, graduating in 2008.
Since 1986 he has worked professionally as an actor, animator, puppet master and technical assistant for many different theatre companies, including Gorgona Teatro Urbano, Estudio Albahaca and Teatro de la Luna, to name but a few.

Technical assistant


Production assistant

Wilfried Calvo has a degree in Audiovisual Communication. He started his career in the production world with the audiovisual production company Cuatro Cabezas. After a long period working abroad and on audiovisual projects for television, in 2015 he joined the production department at Kulunka Teatro.

The company's production assistant.


Press officer


USA manager

(Hernani, 1972)

Mikel Insausti has spent most of his career promoting and working towards a more sustainable economic model, first at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in Brussels, Brasilia and Asunción, and later at the Kutxa Foundation (San Sebastián), where he managed the Kutxa Ekogunea centre. He has published dozens of opinion pieces and articles in the Basque media, collaborating with both radio and the written press, and his love of travel, photography and writing prompted him to publish his first book in 2020. He currently manages the Kutxa Literary Awards and Kutxa Foundation publications. He has been Kulunka's USA Tour manager since 2018.

The company's manager in the USA.



Based in Madrid, PROVERSUS is a theatre distributor working at both a national and international level.

The company offers distribution, show production, event management and project development services within the fields of theatre and culture.

It operates in a customised and highly professional manner, guaranteeing a reliable, responsible service at all times.

Everything it does is informed by its deep-rooted need to care for and respect the artistic essence of the shows it promotes and develops, not only in order to offer high-quality products, but also to foster the audience's interest and promote culture and art.


La Cía de la Luz S. Coop. Mad. is a group of professional performing art and audiovisual technicians whose aim is to share experiences and generate working partnerships. Its ultimate goal is to establish a professional network in which all members feel appreciated and looked after.

The cooperative's overarching purpose therefore not only includes educational and cultural elements, due to the services it offers, but also has a social component, due to the protection it offers its members.

Technical service for "André & Dorine" and "Solitudes".