Genre: Masked Theatre

Audience: Adults – Youth

Format: Medium

Language: No text

Duration: 85 Minutes

Following the success of André & Dorine and Solitudes, and maintaining the same creative team, Kulunka Teatro returns again to the language of silent plays and full-head masks to tell this family story.

Targeted at adults and young people alike, this new play explores family relations in a couple with a wanted, well-cared for and much-loved son, whose situation grows more complicated during the youngster’s adolescence, highlighting the power of fear and conflict and the frustration that stems from the difference between our desires, our hopes and expectations for the future, and stark reality.

All are issues that concern us and force us to think, and with which we can easily identify.

FOREVER is a co-production with the Spanish National Drama Centre, Arriaga Theatre in Bilbao and Victoria Eugenia Theatre in San Sebastián.


She and he love each other very much. Indeed, their love is so deep they want to materialise it by having a child. They desire this child with all their heart. It is a physical necessity. But, once he is born, they find that this longed-for son is not quite what they had imagined.

Thus begins Forever – the story of how a family moves away from what they dreamed would be. It is an ironic play about the idea of eternal love, in which fate is not responsible for everything.


Performed by
Jose Dault
Garbiñe Insausti
Edu Cárcamo

Written by
Iñaki Rikarte
José Dáult
Garbiñe Insausti
Edu Cárcamo

Set design
Javier Ruiz de Alegría

Original Music and Sound design
Luis Miguel Cobo

Garbiñe Insausti

Production /international booking
Kulunka Teatro


María Díaz

Iñaki Rikarte

Costume and stage Design