Genre: Masked Theatre

Audience: Adults – Youth

Format: Medium

Language: No text

Duration: 105 Minutes

After André & Dorine and Solitudes, the Kulunka Theatre Company has once again opted for the silent language of masks in a show that combines tenderness with harsh reality.

Forever is the story of how a family moves away from what they once dreamed would be.

Reflecting on the contradictions of love with humour and irony, the show explores issues such as parenthood, childrearing, disability, overprotection, sexuality and violence. Performed on a rotating platform with an intensely film-like language, Forever is a merry-go-round; the Ferris wheel of life.

But it is also a spiral that, with every turn, delves deeper into its characters’ pain. Just how low can a lack of communication drag an entire family?

Perhaps the most disturbing (and the most exciting) thing about this play is that it could all too easily be the story of our lives too.

FOREVER is a co-production with the Spanish National Drama Centre, Arriaga Theatre in Bilbao and Victoria Eugenia Theatre in San Sebastián.


She and he love each other very much. Indeed, their love is so deep they want to materialise it by having a child. They desire this child with all their heart. It is a physical necessity. But, once he is born, they find that this longed-for son is not quite what they had imagined.

Thus begins Forever – the story of how a family moves away from what they dreamed would be. It is an ironic play about the idea of eternal love, in which fate is not responsible for everything.

Their new play, Forever, constitutes an ‘even more difficult’ challenge from the perspective of their technical and formal work with masks, but the effort has definitely been worthwhile, since the artistic result is once again imaginative, intelligent, overwhelming and beautiful. One
could not ask for more, because there is no way the company could possibly offer more.

La RazónRaúl Losanez

The members of Kulunka Teatro, this Royal Spanish Academy of Gesture, work in silence. In each of their shows, they purify, fix and give lustre to the fertile repertoire of attitudes and emotions inherent to human beings. They say everything without uttering a word.

El PaísJavier Vallejo

The Basque company Kulunka has earned its place on our country's scenic Parnassus, as well as in the hearts and minds of an ever-larger audience.

El EspañolLiz Perales

One of the most important shows of the year. An absolute must for all theatre-lovers, not only because of its uniqueness, but also because of the amazing story it tells.

Nueva TribunaVicente I. Sánchez

If you have never seen one of Kulunka’s shows, don’t hesitate: buy your tickets as soon as possible and go and enjoy the experience offered by this company, which tells stories that speak directly to the heart, without uttering a single word.

Teatro MagazineJavier Ortiz


Performed by
José Dault
Garbiñe Insausti
Edu Cárcamo

Written by
Iñaki Rikarte
José Dault
Garbiñe Insausti
Edu Cárcamo

Set design
Javier Ruiz de Alegría

Costume and stage Design
Ikerne Giménez

Original Music and Sound design
Luis Miguel Cobo

Garbiñe Insausti

Production /international booking
Kulunka Teatro

Assistant director
Alberto Huici

Construction of scenery
Readest Montajes

Technical direction
La Cía de la Luz S.Coop.Mad.


María Díaz

Iñaki Rikarte